What is This?

I’ll just be honest with you right up front.  You won’t get rich from reading this blog or coaching with me.  Well, you can, but it will come from many small changes in your habits and mindset that will add up over time.   I’ll keep these tips as simple and as easy to apply as I can. No one has the time to fuss over numbers and you won’t need to know any more math than what you learned in fifth grade.

I’m the kid in the yellow coat. I’m also surprisingly clean in this photo. I probably rolled in the snow right before my mom took the picture.

With a little thought up front, you can build a comfortable relationship with your income and expenses.  Then you’ll have more time and more money to enjoy a future where you’re not worrying about paying for things. That’s what these blog posts are about.

If you want help one-on-one, I’ll have finance coaching services available in 2020.