It's not how much you make, it's how much money you keep in your pocket.

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Many little changes add up to substantial, lasting transformation.  I’ll show you how to make small adjustments as you go about your day, just like my dad taught me.

I’ll keep this all as simple and as easy to apply as I can with tools to help you.  If you passed fifth grade, you know all the math you’ll need.  Are you ready to join me?  

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Distance Healing

Just like you, I’ve wrestled with anxiety and weird fears attached to money.  I noticed that money issues are rarely about the dollar amount and are more about cash flow, timing, and those weird fears. 

Sometimes you just need a little help to relax and get things done.  I provide a combination of Reiki and craniosacral therapy at a distance.  You can stay in the comfort of your home with a virtual audio or video session.  All you need is a restful place to lay down.


I’m a sucker for sparkly things who had an IOU stuck to the fridge during my childhood for all the money I borrowed from my parents. I didn’t grow out of that trait, but I sure did learn from it.

You can build an honest relationship with your income and expenses just like I did with mine.  Wouldn’t you like to live comfortably on what you make?  Do you want to have more time and more money to enjoy a future with a few affordable luxuries?

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