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Have Fun With It

Dad was good at photo bombing before it was a thing.

If you have any anxiety around money or math, you’re not alone.  You’re probably in the majority, yet there is a simple way to ease your fears.   Find out what puts you in a relaxed, happy, receptive mood.  Is there a certain kind of music, a smell, or a place that fills your heart and lets your guard down?  Is there a photo that brings out a wonderful memory?   All you need to do is place triggers to set this kind of mood when and where you’re working on your finances.

Associations are subtle, but powerful.  Sometimes when my head is stuck in a game app on my phone, I’ll remember the sounds on TV the last time I played.  For half the year, it’s usually a Yankees baseball game that my husband is watching.

For example, my dad would always make noises like he was shifting gears in a race car when we were driving in our wood-paneled station wagon.   It always made me laugh so I associate driving with this memory of fun and now I love to drive.

Set up a desk or a small table in your home where you feel safe and loved.  Play music, put photos, diffuse essential oils, sip a deluxe coffee, or look out on a favorite view.  Maybe you have a favorite lamp from a special relative who made you smile.  Put any associations there which bring you joy, comfort, and confidence.

Most of all, have a comfy chair, stool, or big squishy ball to sit on.  Sometimes, I use an extra big inflated exercise therapy ball.  Without thinking, my body is constantly  making little adjustments to stay on the ball.  It strengthens hip muscles that keep my back from hurting, plus it engages my easily-distracted brain just enough to allow my focus to stay on the numbers in front of me.

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