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My parents loved flea markets.  You could get things for such a small amount of money and there were a lot of them when I was little.  Each year, one took over a large area in the center of a nearby city.

Being a sucker for sparkly things (ooh, shiny!), I would bring my dollar bill to the sale and fall in love with 10 cent glasses and small dishes.  I usually walked away with more than a dollar worth of merchandise and an IOU to my parents for hours of chores to work off what I borrowed.

That is exactly how credit cards work, except credit card companies charge interest and my parents didn’t (thanks, Dad!).  I was also a kid so I had free time to do the chores to pay off my debt.  If you’re already working full-time, you might not be able to work extra hours to pay for things you bought on credit.

Most money troubles are not due to lack of income.  They’re due to a failure to manage cash flow.  The short explanation is that you’re spending money faster than you’re making it.  With a little bit of planning, you can live comfortably on what you make.  Then, you can choose a few affordable luxuries.

My viewpoint is that if you build a comfortable relationship with your income and expenses you can create a life where you’re not worrying about money.  When you’re free of that anxiety, you have a chance to truly enjoy everything so much more.  That’s what these blog posts are about.

(I’m the one in the yellow coat.  I’m also surprisingly clean in this photo.  I probably rolled in the snow right before my mom took the picture.)

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